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My uncle has just peirced my ears i was his 1st victim lol , so i was just wondering , what can i use to clean them all i know of is salt water thanksyou

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Hey salt water would be fine. make sure you use water from the kettle (cooled but previously boiled).You could also use many antisepics that are on the market e.g savlon spray. I'd stick with salt water as its very cheap and just as effective. i teaspoon of salt in half a mug of water is suitable correct. I work in pharmacy

also use kitchen roll as opposed to cotton wool as it wont leave fibre's behind

My works works in a jewellers and does piercings. They use TCP. A bit smelly but she says its the best you can use.
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i was told to use TCP


Not content with pink hair you now want pink infected ears to match oO

TCP or dettol on cotton pad. Takes me back to when my friend pierced second holes in my ears during chemistry class - wouldn't recommend it but have to say I've still got them today

i've pierced my ears 7 times and they were all fine just make sure you keep them clean

I'd just stick with salt water twice a day I have a few piercings and have always just used salt water and they've all healed quickly with no probs

How old are you ahh? 13/14? I had my belly button pierced by then X)

I used a sea salt soak. Boil the water and then let it cool down and use when still warm. I used TCP when I got my ears pierced the first time but I can't stand the smell of the stuff yuck! Did the job though.
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