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    I'd like to purchase a pen for my teacher who is male, that can be engraved. Multifunction ones sound good. Has anyone got any links?


    quality over gimmicks every time

    get a Cross ballpoint - they usually do official cheap engraving

    i've had mine for 20 years

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    Any good links to purchase them from?

    These are nice (and unusual) i bought other half one a few years back and its still working great - even writes under water or upside down & can be engraved

    ^^^^^^ The space pens are great,or so i'm told by others who have them, although mine developed a problem soon after purchasing it and i've never gotten around to returning it.

    Thanks for the reminder lol

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    I have found this…jpg but I would like the bottom half to be thinner, even if it means having a 2 in 1 pen instead of 3/4 in 1.
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