Found 10th Aug 2007
Looking for a pen knife set, the ones that have the screwdrivers and knives in. with about 10 in one or whatever

Looking for a cheap one for around about £5 delivered

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Problem with wanting one for under a fiver, the metal of the tools won't be high quality. I'll have a look for you, but I think you'd be better off setting your price mark to £10.

This is the best I can find: LINK

£5.49 not inc. P&P

* Stylishly designed 7 tool knife
* Made of high grade stainless steel
* Features: long blade knife, scissors, bottle/tin opener, screwdriver, corkscrew and nail file

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It's all i have spare on my card, cant get to a bank until wednesday *sigh*

lmfao =p

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Rolson ones pre order:(

You'll probably need a bigger budget for something decent, the cheap ones break easily in my experience.

About 6-12 months or so back I got a Leatherman Squirt P4 for £20 from one of the hiking shops in Nottingham (can't remember which one mind). It's a very nice bit of kit and was a steal at that price, so it's worth having a wander round the city if you get a chance.

Would something like a Gerber multitool suffice?

Our poundland has one available.

I know, I'll be cheap ****, but it is a pound.

That would leave you enough for a small beer!

for the record, the **** was for cr*p...
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