Penny boards and Wizz Air

Found 12th Nov 2014

I am going to Poland (Gdansk) for a holiday and i was wondering whether you can take a Penny Board on Wizz air because unlike other airlines which actually bother to mention if it is alright or not these people don't and to call them its like 92p per minute which a huge rip off, they don't even have an email....

So does anyone have experience with skateboards and wizz air? plus does anyone know whether your allowed to your board through Luton and Gdansk security check in? Luton doesn't really say much about not taking it but Gdansk says no however i called them and they said it doesn't matter it depends on the airline which wasn't really helpful as i wanted to know if i can actually take it!

Please let know what to do!


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guessing this is your post above.

A penny board is able to be stripped down to deck, bolts, trucks, bearings and wheels.
Or even further to truck base, hanger, kingpin, bushings and shields.

You could remove the board from the trucks by un doing the bolts that are connected to the deck (most likely an Alan key in this case).

A cheap skateboard T tool would help you.

I'm unsure if you'd get stopped for having a skateboard inside your suitcase since you can pack it against the inside wall off one(?).

I've not flown before so I wouldn't know. But a friend bought a zoo york set up back from the states (32" length deck) and was charged a little extra for insurance since it was strapped to the outside of a luggage bag.
Sports and activities
You may not be covered when you take part in certain sports or activities. For certain activities, cover under section H (Personal accident) and section I (Personal liability) will not apply. If you intend to take part in a sport or activity during your trip, please note that cover is available for the activities listed in the two following tables provided:
• You follow the safety guidelines for the activity concerned and where applicable you use the appropriate and recommended safety equipment;
• The activity is not the main purpose of your trip;
• The activity is not part of a competition or tournament; and
• The activity is not on a professional basis.
If you have any questions or if you wish to take part in an activity not shown in the tables below, please contact Wizz Air Insurance on 0207 954 7898 or e-mail wizzairuktravelinsurance@chartisinsurance.com before taking part to make sure that cover is provided.
Amateur athletics, angling, archery, badminton, banana boating, basket- ball, boardsailing, bowling, bridge walking (supervised by a fully trained guide), bungee jumps (three jumps), cave tubing or river tubing, cricket, curling, cycling, fell walking, gymnastics, handball, husky sledge driving, jogging (not including marathons), mountain biking (not including down- hill racing and extreme terrain), netball, orienteering, parasailing, paras- cending (over water), rambling, ringos, roller blading (inline skating and skateboarding), running (not including marathons), safari trekking in a vehicle or on foot (only as part of an officially organised tour and not including the personal use of firearms), sand boarding, scuba diving (qual- ified, maximum depth 30 metres) under 14 days, sleigh rides (as part of an officially arranged excursion), snorkelling, squash, surfing, swimming, swimming with dolphins (as part of an officially arranged excursion), table tennis, tennis, ten pin bowling, trekking (under 2,000 metres altitude), triathlons, volleyball, wake boarding, water polo, waterskiing and white or black water rafting (grades 1 to 4).

From this travel insurance.


this mentions about snow, ski and other sports for cabin luggage. A skateboard should get away inside a normal suitcase or if it meets the dimensions of the cabin luggage size they should be ok with it, since a penny board is 22" in length.
its alright after having rant to luton they finally came the point and they said no where as gdansk said yes. Airport these days..
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