Found 26th May 2009
Hi all

wondered if anyone has experienced any issues with cashback site
they havent paid my due cashback after send 5 messages across 10 days

no resppnse to either message and no payment recieved

also noticed the daily total of cashback earned is no longer growing even though i have been buying via pennymix site

me thinks there is something wrong here

anyone else noticed this too

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i,ve been with them a while, when u request payment it can take up to 14 days, had no probs all mine are tracking fine at mo, just give it a few more days till the 14 days are up then try again,

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i know the click record is being track but the total figure for the month isnt going up

it used to go up daily but hasnt for over 1 week now


haven't een with them long but nothing has ever gone past pending for me

all fine with me, just recieved my payment of £18.32, no probs with tracking either

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they have been tracking my transactions fine until around 10 days ago then the total pending has not risen for 10 days even though i have been spending online quite a bit

i have emailed them around 5 times across 10 days and never had a response to either message

I would be very wary recommending using pennymix to anyone

wish there was another way to contact them
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