Pension Credit and Other Small Private Pensions

Found 23rd Jun 2018Edited by:"GwanGy"
Just looking at the provisions of Pension Credit (PC) and this particular para stood out to me
"If you’re entitled to a private or workplace pension, the amount you’d

expect to get is calculated as income from the date you were able to get

it, if you had claimed it."
So does this mean that if you have other private pensions , which you have not taken yet, they will be looked at as if you were taking them ?? And in that case doesn't it mean that if you have small pensions of a few thousand it would be better to take them as cash before SPA ?? altho investments are assumed to earn £1 per £500
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They told me regarding frozen pension. Ask if you can take it early. If yes, we will take into account what you receive. If you don't take it early.... we will still take it into account as if you had done.
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