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    There are 5631 Guests on this website which should all register NOW! there is about 1000 members but lets get some more. All of you people that are'nt registered, DO IT NOW and prepared to get addicted to the fever that is Hot UK Deals!


    to bad there all on the deals section

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    black gerbil1;2691176

    to bad there all on the deals section

    Maybe a few click on misc


    Maybe a few click on misc

    I know I did before I signed up - wanted to see what I was getting myself into

    I suspect some of the 'guests' are people like me who are members but don't always sign in every time they check out the site, and also mine always seems to log me out every 5 minutes so I don't always realise.


    Maybe a few click on misc

    nah brah, not if they know im regulating.


    already been done … already been done


    I think there's plenty of people not registered who could make a valuable contribution :thinking:
    Although there are probably as many members who we could all do without :whistling:
    HUKD is not what it was imo and anyone who genuinely has the ability and desire to make a contribution should be welcome ie it shouldn't be about trying to outdo each other.........

    Feel free, post a deal if it's hot it's hot if its cold it's cold...............

    Post what you want, try and abide by the rules but don't be afraid of being told off or being told you are in the wrong :roll:

    Most of all remember that there are some good people left out there who are not just looking to put others down because their views differ :whistling:

    took your advice and just joined.

    by the way hi all



    took your advice and just the way hi all

    Hmmm. Be prepared to be "regulated"!!!!!!:whistling:

    Welcome to HUKD BTW.


    took your advice and just the way hi all

    dean3988 06-08-2008 22:35

    Join Date: 05-08-2008

    How could you have taken someones advice and joined up the day before they posted it? Are you psychic?

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