People Good with Maths/Percentages - Help Please

I need to find out the following increases in percentages...

Increase from 10p to 15p =

Increase from 5p to 15p =

I'm rubbish when it comes to this lot. Need it for my point to get across to Vodafone.


50% increase for 10 to 15
200% 5 to 15?????????????
I think im right

Yes I'm sure I'm right - 100% increase would be double so triple is 200%

1st one 50%

hope it helps


50% increase for 10 to 15200% 5 to 15?????????????I think im right

Sounds right to me :thumbsup:

Yep. Right.

yup all right gold stars all around

Might be long winded but i always do the following,

divide the new number by the old one, then times 100, then minus 100.

therefore 50%
and 200%

might be a better way but ive always done this

Above is right.

Original Poster

Thanks everyone

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