People who ask you to make an offer instead of stating a price first?

    What's up with this? The rules clearly say that the seller states the price, but it seems that the majority in fact on here ask for an offer without stating a price, circumventing the rule.

    "What you offering?"

    That just grinds my gears whenever I see it...


    not everybody reads T&Cs ....likewise users dont read the rules for the FS/FT forum.

    If it bothers you that much then play the community piece and report the listing, otherwise leave the forum rage to fizzle out coz it aint gonna get you anywhere.

    Hey it's peter griffin with grind his gears! Lol


    it seems that themajority in fact on here ask for an offer without stating a price

    source of info or making it up?

    I see it very little tbh but they soon get mods on their backs
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