People who sell Xmas trees... what do they do during the rest of the year?

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Found 20th Dec 2009
Apart from the ones who have a friut and veg stall. I'm talking about the ones who just sell trees down your High Street.


grow them

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grow them

makes sense (I've had a few)


makes sense (I've had a few)

sorry couldnt resist :oops:

And what about the guys that spread the salt on the road during the snow/ice stage......

340 days Hol?? :? :? :roll:

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I thought those people come over from Canada and lapland to make sure it's done properly. A bit like getting the polish in to do the building and plumbing.

the polish they do the cleaning at tesco nightshift brilliant

Same people that sell flowers on valentines/mothers day, & work on farms in spring/summer. The ones that do the gritting are often farmers or semi retired lorry drivers.

Or did you not want a serious reply?

the gritters from our end are council workers or us!

for a serious one about the gritters - they are the same motor way maintenance guys that fix the motorways an stuff.. all work for the Highways Agency ( i used to work for Siemens Traffic - fixing the SOS phones an stuff )

I think for the christmas tree sellers I have seen they spend the rest of the year working out which farm they are going to pinch them from this time or asking if you want them to tarmac your drive lol :whistling:
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