people who use atms for 15 minutes must die!!

    Whats the matter with people at cash machines these days? once upon a time you put your card in,withdrew cash and then let the next person in line get their money.
    Not any more though,more and more people are carrying out full personal banking totally oblivious to the huge queue building up behind them.
    Check balance,transfer money,deposit money,topup mobile and then just when the queue behind thinks they are gonna see some light at the end of the tunnell,they pull out ANOTHER card and start the whole process again!!



    very annoying !!!!

    theyve waited their turn i expect, just like you


    never happend to be me before.

    yes they have waited thier turn behind someone that takes a reasonable time, but once they get in front of the screen they take bloody ages & im always behind them :x

    I think dying is a little harsh!

    One day - you could be that person that takes forever

    loll slightly annoying yes but tolerable.

    thats what there for

    I once fed a kitten to an ATM.

    Just stand really close to them and they seem to go a bit faster,

    annoying yeah....

    im very impatient and would perhaps say out loud hurry up you ****


    I once fed a kitten to an ATM.

    How exciting.

    they are there to be used,for all the purposes you state,wait your turn


    I once fed a kitten to an ATM.

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