People's experience with Giff Gaff and 4G data speeds..

Found 23rd Mar
Hey Guys

Im experimenting with a few networks to see which works best for me, as I travel lots with work...

Three seem to be very good for me, but keen to not sign up to another contract and like idea of no direct debit and just paying for what I need with an appropriate plan for each month.

People told me they reckon O2 have best coverage, so trying them via their virtual network Giff Gaff.

Anyway seem good value and like the app and level of control you have. I'm just trying it out on a 3GB goody bag.

Coverage so far seems great for calls and texts and seem to have lots of 4G, but the speeds are just atrocious! I'm getting speeds of 0.9-1.5mb, never had anything faster. Watching YouTube or even streaming a bit of music via Amazon Music App is near impossible without buffering.

I've checked I have the correct data settings and my Honor 7 and old Nexus 6 are getting the same speeds when swap SIM around and fully compatible with the network. Are other people experiencing the same speeds?

It doesn't seem to matter if I'm in a big city or a small town with 4G. Are these speeds also reflective of using any company on O2, including themselves or Tesco Mobile?
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I used to be with gg however, even when getting 4G 4 bars, the speeds were still below 4 mbps, and terrible. The internet was terrible for me, so I went with three. They were much better than gg, and the speeds were great. Now i'm with BT mobile (run by the EE network), and their speeds are the best that i've experienced, with 60 mbps, using only 1-2 bars of 4G.
I tried them for a bit but couldn't get a signal when out in the countryside, so I'm sticking with EE who have the best coverage, I have seen 52mb/s download on 4g, although at the moment it's showing 5.39mb/s.
Well, my experience was long (because the free calls between giffgaff) but awful when i need the full service (specially data, calls and text). Very low speed and lots of cuts, areas without cover or service, high ping, ...

I switched to another companys trying to find the best for me. I don't know how long have you been trying, i will suggest a dual sim if data is your main use with 2 different companys ans covers (there are a very good prices on PAYG or without long term contract).
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