People's experiences haggling with sky

Found 30th Mar 2014
What have peoples experiences been with sky when haggling. Success stories, things to say and not say. Any inside information on how to go about it.

I have searched and couldn't find a similar thread. Apologies if I have missed it.

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Been with sky 14yrs full package with no discount for the full 14yrs, phoned up to cancel the other day and they offered 50% of multi room less than six quid so cancelled saved £78 per month
I presume its going to be similar to haggling with virgin, which i do every year without fail. it can all depend on who you speak to, but main principles say its too expensive, if you can get virgin in your area say you've been looking around online and found a few deals so you can get equivalent package cheaper using virgin/bt. Dont be rude or dismissive it helps to let them waffle on a bit.
But if they are not offering you a deal your happy with you MUST put in your 30 days notice, I had to last time got a call back the next working day & they offered me what i wanted. plus if you dont get a call back you have 30 days to withdraw your notice.
hope this helps a little
My father in law cancelled sky 6 weeks ago. Got a phone call 2 days after he was switched off and was offered the full package apart from movies for £12.75 a month for a year with no contract
Unless you're about to cancel, your chances of haggling haggling of slim.
i phoned to cancel after 2 years and basically named my package and how much i wanted to pay i ended up with entertainment extra plus. sky go plus. sky movies. sky multi room. free installation at new house. sky hd. 2 new wifi hd 500gb boxes. a £50 sainsburys voucher and they were going to throw in free broadband unlimited and the unlimited calls package but i didnt take my phone or internet with them all for about £30 a months for 12 months with 12 months new minimum contract. the way they did it was basically everything half price for 12 months including multi room subscription and because i took out the half price multi room i was entitled to 1 new box and free installation. when the guy came to install the sky i said that my old box was freezxing etc and wont last the 12 months contract and he gave me another one for fre.
Just joined sky after 11 years with virgin. Sky offered all tv, fiber broadband, guaranteed speed 28.5mb, unlimited and phone unlimited. They put an open reach line into the house (free) gave me and my sister a £75 voucher all on a 12m contract for £37pm however there were problems with the broadband so I wanted to cancel, but they fixed the problem and further reduced my bill to £30 pm for the full 12m. Bargain. Far cheaper and better service than the robbing gits at virgin!!
75% off for last 2 years , not bad
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