Peppa Pig hide and seek question!

Found 4th Nov 2008

Can anyone out there tell me about the peppa pig hide and seek toy, what I want to know is does the pig have to be able to "see" the bear to find it?

I'm thinking of getting one for my little girl but we had a similar sort of thing from boots that was a rabbit and carrot but the rabbit needed to be able to "see" the carrot before it could pick up where it was and my little one was hiding in the other room and behind doors and things so it never worked and she couldn't really get the hang of it at all. I think it had some sort of thing on it like a tv remote where if the remote can't see the "tv" it won't work, is peppa the same as that or can you hide it anywhere and it'll pick it up?

Thank you!
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never heard of this toy..sounds fab!
Hi, I am thinking about buying the Scooby one for my daughter and I am sure the advert shows Scoob hiding in a cupboard with the door closed - I will look out for the ad again...........
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