When i purchased one then considerations were:
    1. It should not do any harm to my car (Peugot 406) and
    2. Should be comfortable enough for the child.
    3. Cost effective too, becasue there are variants available in 100's of pound.

    There is one safe and good choice on woolworths Ladybird High-Back Booster. You can also check for similar or costilier choices on Argo's.


    Chander Bhushan

    Your main concern should be the safety of the child in an accident - which is what the seat is designed to protect a child during. Do not assume that all seats are good at this cause they are not - UK law only requires them to be tested in certain tests - if you read the Which Report on child car seats you will see some more vigorous tests are performed and some of them perform really badly! You can sign up for a free trial of Which to read the report and see which performs best.

    At six months your baby should still be a rear facing seat. I know there are some HUKD members around that work for Mothercare or Halford who can perhaps give you some good advice too . . .

    Keep your child rear facing for as long as possible(up to 13kg) and until he/she can sit unaided.Have a look at the Britax site [url][/url] section called Fit-finder. They have a car seat checker where you can put in your make and model of car and it will tell you which seat you can have and where you can/cannot place it due to safety.This is for Britax seats only which are good.ALWAYS get advice from the store before buying to make sure it is compatible with your car-it is very easy to make a mistake.
    Alwaysget them to put the seat in your car to check if it is ok,.Consider also if the seat is going to go into anybody elses car-see if it is compatible with that too.You can buy the same seats made by Britax for Mothercare but they will be more expensive.

    I bought mine from mothercare. They will take it out to your car and fit it in so you can see if it fits your seat properly. Try to go for the best you can afford - this is your child you are buying for. I opted for a Britax - well known brand and fitted my car a treat. Whatever you do, don't buy second hand cause you don't know if it has been in an accident/damaged. Good luck.

    get mothercare to fit and then go home and search the internet for same model. or buy from mothercare and get 10% off when opening a store card

    For infants try ]infant car seats and for children during growth period try Booster Car Seats only.

    I recently bought the Concord Ultimax from Mothercare. It goes from birth to 4 years. I have it rear facing at present and then when my son reaches 13kg, I will change it to forward facing.
    It looks a really good seat and has won lots of awards in recent years (even though I must admit I had never heard of Concord before!)

    These are the ones not to get

    'Don't Buys'
    The four child car seats deemed ‘Don’t Buys’ are:

    The Little Shield Combi 123, the worst seat on test. It uses a nylon strap with stud fixing which isn’t strong enough to contain the forces of a severe accident. It’s made from expanded polystyrene and offers no protection from side impacts.
    Chicco Max 3-S uses the adult seat belt for a 9kg child (around nine months old) which means that instead of sitting on the shoulder, the adult belt rests on the neck of the child and thus could cause severe injuries.
    Mamas & Papas Pro-Tour offers no protection for older children in a side crash, because it recommends removing the backrest for children over 15kg. Therefore there is nothing to stop the child’s head being injured in a side impact.
    Recaro Start also uses the adult seat belt for a 9kg child, which means they’re improperly restrained in a crash and the sudden deceleration caused by a serious frontal crash could result in neck or abdomen injuries for such a small child.

    If you pm Deanos he might let you have a copy of the Which report......
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