glad to hear the police have taken it seriously. some people have no bloody respect.

    wire it up to the mains while you sleep

    Police around here only give a crime No. as too busy to visit.


    Is there not the slightest possibility that your car could have been broken out of? I know if I was trapped in someone elses car I would.


    wire it up to the mains while you sleep

    Like this answer, my shed has this function if chosen and a big sign warning of imminent danger of electrocution.

    Sorry to hear of your trouble OP, hope they find and behand the culprits. (before you do )


    Not hijacking thread, but what kind of equip and price rage is needed to record good quality day and night, like trigger recording and random images captured etc

    Some nice anti-theft devices ]here and ]here

    The windows can be broken easily by throwing tiny pebbles not much bigger than a match head (or the size of something that would get caught on a boot sole) at them - or alternately with a ceramic chip from a spark plug. They break the glass when thrown very hard, and the crook will not be done for 'going out equipped' as they are extremely unlikely to be found in a search.
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