Found 31st Jan 2008

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This is normal in bad weather and nothing to concern your self with. When conditions improve if normal service does not return then your dish may have been moved by the high winds.:thumbsup:

Also the conditions at your location may be ok but the conditions in the upper atmosphere miles from you may not but are in the path from your dish to the satellite.

Yes, I sometimes get '[COLOR="Blue"] No signal being received' [/COLOR]in high winds / heavy rain & snow:x

Ya, we are in Wales and weather horrendous here today, sky keeps completely losig
signal.. Really annoying!!

Depending where you live, you should generally have a 60cm dish for the south and a 90cm for the north. The north/south border is a line from Liverpool through to Hull (M62).
If you have a 60cm dish and don't have a full view of the satellite, then likely any poor weather condition will effect some if not all channels (premium channels have the stronger signals). If this be the case, resite your dish or upgrade to the next size dish. :thumbsup:

Yes, ours is exactly the same we loose signal if bad wind (oer Misses!) and also in snow or heavy rain

Think of it in terms of line of sight:

Bad weather is someone closing a blind or similar between your dish and the Sky satellite.
Good weather is blind totally open.

I phoned Sky once to complain about the fact that every time it rained we would lose the signal, they asked me if the sky dish was in direct contact with the rain, my response was that bearing in mind the dish is connected to the outside of the house then it probably was!
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