I would ask for a partial refund as you no longer have a warranty, would you have paid the same amount for the same phone if it didnt have a warranty?

    Can u show the pics pls m8, (just to be nosey as 9 times out of 10 if the phone was wet @ some stage the keypad would have bumps/bubbles (by keypad i mean the white paper like pad thats under/on top of the chassis)
    a few times in the past ive repaired phones that ive owned my self and never got wet (other then the normal quick answering of the phone in the rain ( and still found water damage)
    also a weird one to belive i no but ive been told by a nokia tech guy that when the phone sits in your pocket or somewere hot ( it can cause damp inside the phone due to condensation)
    so it may be the seller really didnt no

    to me it looks like maybe damp mixed with dust (round the edge of the phone u can see a similar sort of build up of the ( '' white stuff ' ')
    have u got a pcb cleaner maybe give it a clean up
    have u tried getting a soft headed toothbrush (and some canned air or deodrant) and giving it a clean. does it all rub off??

    if u dont have a pcb cleaner feel free to send me the board and ill do it for you
    if u can do try using a soft toothbrush (like a baby one and some canned air or deodrant to slowly rub it off)

    Nice clear pics mate, the Fuji S5600 has a fairly good macro though! Defo looks like water damage mate, as well as doing what you can to repair the damage I would mail the seller and ask for partial refund!
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