Found 17th Feb 2008

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An axe???

this guy will help you ]LINK

how much C4 you got lying around :P

screwdrivers, hammers, sledgehammers, cars...sounds like a week full of fun trying to get in it though!!!


There are delicate items inside, namely home movies


Have you got the instructions from when you bought it? There might be a customer helpline that can tell you how to open it or maybe you could download instructions for it if you have the make and model number?

The key should work. Is it the correct key? If not, then you could pick the lock. There is also usually a bypass button to allow you to reset the combination, accessable via one of the bolt holes in the bottom. (not very useful if the battery is dead)

Failing that, you could always just drill it...

Instructions for another one here:…pdf

Maybe give you some ideas??

Drill it out

You Were Only Meant To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire........the A-Team.


Why not change the battery?


Why not change the battery?

The battery is usually inside the safe...

Does it automatically open when the batteries run out? Maybe put it in the freezer?

Try putting some WD 40 or lubricant down the key hole. I think your focus should be put on getting the key to turn to manually open it.

]Open with Key Your safe probably is not the same one but just try following their instructions to opening it with key.
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