Ahh, hope you can find a good home for her

    good luck.

    I have a border collie. Hes a loving dog but very protective. Hes very boisterous too. They are good dogs and probably the most intelligent dogs in the world but be prepared for them to be on the go 24/7. They are after all working dogs.

    Extra good luck. If anyone wants a friend for LIFE then a border is for you.

    Why are you getting rid of her after 9 months then?

    Good luck in finding a home for her. Would you not think of getting another maybe smaller dog? I know a dog isn't the best thing to replace as i would find it hard to find one after my springer spaniel.

    good luck

    Have you spoken to border collie rescue? They may be able to help.

    Not good if you cant trust a dog ......Maybe best not to get another dog until kids have grown a bit older?

    Unless you get a lab or from a rescue home who know which dog to home to people who have small children

    to be honest though for you to not trust a dog then maybe you need to take the dog to learning classes....

    Ive never experienced a bad dog ever and ive lived with rotties , with right training dogs can be the most loyal loving pets.

    I dont have any land but love collies I live nr Swansea and would probably be interested but no land as I said just a small back garden so I dont think it would be fair to this type of dog.

    bod emrys;1861962

    We've already got a 10 year old westie, but I'd certainly consider … We've already got a 10 year old westie, but I'd certainly consider getting another dog - she's had a new lease of life since getting the collie. It's not so much her size that's the problem and our dogs get plenty of excersise - she's just not the right dog in this situation. I was dead against getting a collie (as personally I think they are only really suited as farm dogs), but my partner grew up with collies and went ahead regardless.She's got a very strong herding instinct - could probably make an excellent sheepdog, but unfortunatley, in the area that I live there uis no shortage of sheepdogs - she came from a farmer with an unwanted litter of 10!

    I have a 10yr old westie too *Points to avvie*

    Hope you find a good home for your collie

    Have you got pics/feedback on ebay or elsewhere.... :lol:

    Whereabouts are you?
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