On ASDA's till, it will not register if you haven't bought the item and with a lot of coupons, you need the supervisor.

    Sometimes Tesco and Asda etc.. scan them through themselves and have advertised the fact. Think this is still the case but not 100% sure.

    I tried few times with coupons but without buying the products at Asda. It works sometimes.

    Our local Tesco has just introduced the self scan business, and I always scan coupons that don't match the product and it works fine. I just use whatever is in my purse.

    The trick is to only do 2 vouchers - you scan them and immediately post them through a little slot and they disappear with only the value left on the screen - you can't tell by looking at the screen what the voucher was for. If you try to scan a third voucher the screen stops you and you have to get a member of staff over to ok it so you can continue shopping.

    Works for me!

    dirty pikies, why not just shoplift the goods?


    dirty pikies, why not just shoplift the goods?

    Good idea that's cheaper than ever, rep added :thumbsup: :w00t:
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