Dunno how you would go about it though!
A true hero!:)
Thats a great bit of positive news, makes a change!
He certainly does deserve something ...

Mr Baker, a Rolls-Royce maintenance engineer from Stenson Fields, Derby, swam underwater and managed to open the car door at the second attempt.
"I finally got the door open and got inside where it was absolutely black as it was submerged in water. I located the leg of the child but it didn't want to come as it was in a baby seat," he said.
"I undid the clamp and the child came out - but I didn't think she was alive."
Mr Baker said he could not bear to stay and watch the emergency services work on the child.
"We lost a child 20 years ago and I didn't want to see that again," he said. "But a few minutes later one of the crew came over and said 'She's breathing'. I just burst into tears."
A true hero :thumbsup:
i think the police sort it out automatically he will get an award.
wow what a great guy.
What a guy!! A true hero.
Makes you think, ey?
He deserves a bloody medal.
Wow!!! What a bloke!

True hero! :thumbsup:
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