You moaning again Imranmaz?!? ;-)

BTW My Koran still not turned up....don't think it will u know!

Your right mate there's a lot of problems with the IPod but there are a million and one accessories for it. I only have one as the missus got me it.

Easy to use yeah, but file types cause a problem

Creative should make more stuff for their own then I will get one

I agree, I've also got a Creative Zen Vision M 30GB. The most exiting accessory i've got is a AV out cable.
I would love a neat clip on FM Transmitter, like you can get for Ipod.

Its a real shame, I love my Zen and it would be great to have a sleek speakdock for it to sit in.

only one speaker dock? why not just buy some speakers (with a headphone jack) and plug them in? i got some creative speakers for my laptop for £8 from play.com a year ago and they sound fine with my zen. obviously bigger boomier ones could have been bought but i'm sure they of at least equal power to the dock.

am i missing something? is there something special about these docks?

i have found the same id really like to get the speaker dock but it is well expensive, a half decent one would do me.

Yes you can get speakers with 3.5 jack, but I just hate the mass of wires hanging out.
A nice sleak one or a cool clock radio one would be fantasic.:

I have got a cool speak with no wires from DealExtreme and it works great, just a bit bulky.
It just plugs straight into the 3.5 jack, no wire mess. :-D

it would be nice to have one that charged the zen while it was in there

Its just the mass of wires that drives you crazy. :w00t:

i have a creative vision m and its my fav gadget works like a dream and soooo easy to use - only downside is accessories the speakerdock goes for over £100 - it charges up the player also.
i've just got an iphone and whilst its v nice i cant see what the big fuss over apple ipods is. i'm not really that impressed with the ipod bit of it. and itunes !!!!!!
my shure earphones wont even fit in the apple.
boy did i have problems with it. i've about 40 gig of music and boy was itunes a pain to set up and use. i've never had any problems with wmp but it took days for me to get it working properly.
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