Yes, got one of these a few months back. Works great and is deducted at Paypal checkout.

    I just got a £10 one, first I have Ever had - been with them for about 8 years!

    yeah I got a £10 one a couple of months ago, brilliant!

    They've been doing this a few times this year.

    Some people would say it is being done in order to keep people from leaving eBay due to the ridulous new policies that have been put into place, but I couldn't possibly comment. ;-)

    I got £10 a few months back spent it on a book I was after for ages Inside Delta Force.


    I Feel duped, i get a measly £7.50 and the rest of you get £10! maybe i s … I Feel duped, i get a measly £7.50 and the rest of you get £10! maybe i should complain. :x

    Easy tiger!! I've never received any discounts so £7.50 is better than nothing!!

    some people only got £5, so £7.50 isn't bad at all, better than a poke in the eye lol!


    Is anyone else's HUKD format looking strange?


    And I've just checked my email & ebay sent me a fiver!! Wanna swap?


    I saw on here people got £25 off a £50 spend or something similar ?

    Guess it depends how much they make off you lol

    Fees taken from person X = £500
    eBay gives you a voucher for £10

    Not exactly brilliant but better than nothing I suppose lol

    yep i received a tenner code a few days back,

    have already used it: and bought something for £11.50 so only £1.50 to pay:p

    I got £5 off anything no minimum spend and i'm always buying and selling on there so well pleased

    I'm not a big spend on ebay but received a tenner from ebay, a couple of months ago it was 7.50 from Paypal and at Christmas ebay sent me usb ebay Christmas lights, did anyone else get these?


    i recieved a £5 discount recieved £15 last month

    but my paypal account is -168 pounds due to some case.

    i got a £7.50 one just after xmas and today i got a £10.00 one:whistling: i'm in someones good
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