Yes for most.

    Aww those were the days! well most of them were...

    some are true

    Pictures/Youtube links?

    I can't believe they mention 'Bertha' as a cartoon - I have up till now never found someone who remembers it!

    And 'Stoppit and Tidy up' - boy, that was a buzzing cartoon

    *Goes off to YouTube them both* :giggle:

    did you know opal fruits are coming back as opal fruits for a month.

    Can't wait & it's only a wrapper. very sad !


    You called Going Live on 081 811 8181.who used to chant this???? i did!!!

    wasn't it 01 811 8181 ?

    30 out of 100 but i only 20 lol

    ohhhhhhhh feels so long ago.

    PMSL how funny, must have been bored tho lol

    No to the girls stuff, and apart from rubber bracelets leather thongs wrapped around wrists with knots done up by your teeth, and pig tails (boys hair cut).
    Amstrad portable record player, linear tracking on record players

    i still think dirty dancing is fab!:thumbsup:

    I'm a late 70's\early 80's so only some apply - and others not listed come to mind - Jamie and His magic Torch, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Crackerjack ...and dropping the lettuce, Moonlighting, Scarecrow and Mrs King, Stepping Stones, Splicer, monkey Bars, Chelsea Whoppers, Mojo's, Going to burger King or getting a chippy was a treat - cafe's\meals out were reserved for very special occassions.....Holidays abroad weren't an annual thing, melting crisp packets to make badges etc, coke can hats, Horace goes skiing and Through the wall were games you could play for ages, the Smurfs, wearing navy nickers at gym,duffle coats, spending all your spare time outside and being indoors was punishment, knickerbockers, velvet type clothes, knitted jumper and cardigans from your gran, going to sunday school with your gran to give your mum a long lie, Butlins being a dream holiday, Jackanory, and heaps more!

    mopeds that look like trials bikes, chips in gravy from the chinese, benny hats, skin tight jeans and 10 hole doc martens with red laces, bomber jackets, janspeed exhaust systems, atari vcs, bacardi, black russians...

    ... and Rainbow Brite too!!!
    Psyche .... that's off 'let's get ready to rhumble' by PJ and Duncan isn't it?
    ..and what about 'frankie says', wham and live aid t-shirts....:)

    1986 so some of it a little before me, but I can relate.

    What did happen to Johnny Briggs (and no not the mike baldwin actor).

    Who remembers the immortal line......... catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon


    What did happen to Johnny Briggs (and no not the mike baldwin actor).Who … What did happen to Johnny Briggs (and no not the mike baldwin actor).Who remembers the immortal line......... catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon

    dastardly & muttley....classic.....& captain caaaaaaavvvvvvvveeeeeemmmmmaaaannnnn


    no wait... 0181 811 8181

    i think it may have been both with the 1 after the 1st 0 & without cos they changed all uk numbers to begin 01 :? I'm not sure though

    i remember most lol

    none but i was born in 89 so i dont count

    8.. or heaven forbid one of those T-shirts that changed colour with heat (Global Hypercolour).

    I occasionally look for one of those t-shirts to buy, but can't find them anywhere - I had one from C&A and I thought it was FAB!

    9.. You had slouch socks and puff painted your own shirt at least once.

    I remember tying short bits of coloured ribbon onto my string vest - anyone else do that? Got worn over a t-shirt


    none but i was born in 89 so i dont count

    None?! Were you deprived as a child? :thinking:

    6...I WROTE to jimllfix it asking to meet Ester Rantzen!!!
    32...mine was purple and pink and i used to tape the charts and edit out the talking bits lol


    dastardly & muttley....classic.....& captain … dastardly & muttley....classic.....& captain caaaaaaavvvvvvvveeeeeemmmmmaaaannnnn

    wacky races...i have a pair of knickers with dastardy and muttley on. Comedy pants :oops: lol should i really admit that?:oops:

    i remember having a bike that looked like this, except ... it had sparkly seats. it even had a pair of small wheels for training you to ride, the ones that u can kick up when you got more confident.

    lol wheelie came off. hey u back online! how was your week imranmaz?

    congrats btw on 2k

    Surely it should have also mentioned Fun House (with Pat Sharp) and Timmy Mallet?

    Thundercats, Trapdoor! and Knightmare.

    Also Gummy Bears, MASK and GI Joe

    Don't forget having to get a bath every Sunday night so you were clean for school!

    and i dont think anyone mentioned THUNDERCATS!
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