Found 21st May 2008

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Is he blind because he should be able to see the state it is in.

stick one of those post box thingys at the end of your drive

another postman thread ....

wow their has been so many 'postman' this and that posts today ;-) havent seen so many in the time ive been here


another postman thread ....

lol u beat me

Could you stick a piece of paper with a note in a plastic folder (so it doesn't get wet!) and attach it to your gate asking him to take care or to leave your post somewhere else (with a neighbour, maybe)?

yeah just leave make you own put a box there with mail in this please sign

What if it's stolen?!

you can always borrow my postman then you could "hear" him coming before he managed to walk up your path of demolition lol

Our postman wouldnt notice we had done it, it would take him a few weeks to realise there was a problem then he would refuse to ever deliver again!

Stick a great big notice over top half of the front door saying 'Postman - be careful'.
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