which one is it / are they?

    To be fair I've found tons of things I own on Amazon for £50+, problem is on ebay and in the real world they are only worth a few quid.
    To many chancers on Amazon marketplace.

    Yeah, doubt you'll get much from a Farse album.

    I've often bought a compilation album for about £12 and then found it on the shelves in HMV etc for about £25-£30. Its not even like they are rare or anything! If I found a case like this though I'd probably copy the discs and sell the originals! You'd be a fool not to lol

    I used to be in a band and we played a gig with Bloc Party (when they were called Union) about six years ago. Kele (singer) gave me their demo CD at the time which was just a cd-r with a basic black and white cover and a phone number scrawled on top.

    I sold it on eBay last year for £110!

    rarest thing I own- a cassette I was given from Ian Brown's (Stone Roses) holiday home in Pwellhi when I did 'a bit of work' there, him demo'ing some Second Coming tracks over a breakbeat and casio keyboard and 'My Star' from his first solo album. Incredibly out-of-tune singing, but a proper 4-track one-off.

    As for amazon, i've got this book ]http//ww…1-5
    which is listed as £90-odd quid and I still use with KS2 classes every year via a powerpoint I made.
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