I'm with BE and they are exceptionally good in all areas! Seriously!

    o2 !!!!!!!

    Virgin Media Cable

    Don't 4get to ask for a free ring ding :whistling:

    I've moved from BT to Sky recently and teir speed is better thanBT's. Plus I use OpenDNS to further improve speeds and am only on their £5-mo package. I get around 230kbps now compared to BT's 130-150kbps.

    Where abouts are you? How far from the exchange?

    Should go with BE or 02. Both are owned by 02. If you see their advert, they dare to say that 9 out of 10 customers are happy with their service. I'm just waiting for my BT broadband to run out in July, and I will not hesitate to join 02


    o2 !!!!!!!

    i agree we recently switched from virgin to o2 and cant fault it! even there tech support is helpful and actually do something not just fob you off lol :-D

    Lots of people knock TalkTalk but I've been with them for a couple of years now and the service has been very good.
    I have had 2 problems during this time with my broadband and both where resolved quickly using their online support.
    Download speeds usually about 6.5mb but I am only half a mile from the exchange which I think helps.

    If you do go with them sigh up online as this seems to be the most reliable way of getting connected. Use Quidco etc.

    why sky is vvvv good but might just be luck.... i get 24MB from them at the moment!!! and have downloaded over 600GB in the past month with no complaints from them (got every star trek seris)

    phoned em and the said i was still within this months FUP!!!


    Could someone please explain to me this whole "distance from the … Could someone please explain to me this whole "distance from the exchange" thing? I'm guessing that's some central hub that is responsible for the majority of the bandwidth distribution for the UK?I could be way off but always nice to know these things lol

    The further away you are, the slower the speeds. Think of it as a piece of wire from the exchange to your house. The nearer to the exchange, the speed is quicker and you have more bandwith.


    Hmmm. May definitely go for 02 then. There's no other alternatives worth … Hmmm. May definitely go for 02 then. There's no other alternatives worth considering? Does anyone know how long they take for installation, etc.?

    ours was up and running within 2 weeks of signing up, they arranged the swap over from your current provider so you are only without net for a few hrs at most, in our case they switched it in the early hours of the morning so didnt lose much connection time at all by time we got up



    Do you mean these guys? so that is very … Do you mean these guys? so that is very impressive. 24MB is ridiculoously fast, but it is a bit pricey and I would have to go for the £22 since I'd want unlimited usage... Thanks for the suggestion though!

    All of their packages are unlimited! (aprat from the ones with a cap.) I'm on their £18 one - which I get a 16.5Mb connection with. Alternatively, take the O2 route (if you have an O2 mobile) and its cheaper still. They both use the same network - though O2 as an ISP came afterwards - but they do own the network itself now.

    i use o2 after switching from sky. definitely better service etc and free customer service number. higher download speeds, don't offer you faster download speeds than your connection can take etc. highly recommended.

    Be* cannot nock it i been with em about 5 month now i switched from virgin and theres no going backwards only forwards
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