Dirty sexy money, I can see some strong similarities but arrested development is more... comical... I'd recommend it, my bf watches it... he likes stuff like... curb your enthusiasm, american cartoons like king of the hill, family guy etc...

    its really funny.

    It's a bit like a grown-up version of 'Soap' (for those that watched it).

    It's fun and a bit cartoonish (In the way say Family guy is with some near the knuckle jokes etc) in places but I'd definatley rate it right up there as one of the very best US sitcoms in a long time. Maybe since Seinfeld (Honarable exception for Curb obviously!)

    I am sure you can pick the first season up pretty cheaply with out too much effort. Nobody who has borrowed my box sets have been disapointed with it.


    One of the best comedies to come outta the US, you won't be disappointed!

    Where are you getting 4 episodes from and is it worth it?

    Just had a quick look and all three serries box sets are on Hmv at £9.99 each. with 9% quidco. Haven't looked anywhere else to see if they can be found cheaper.

    AD is def. not borring. Sense of humour is of course subjective so you may not like the same stuff i do and might find it a little silly in parts so maybe you could suggest other shows you really like but as it stands i feel happy recomending arrested development to most comedy fans. I'll never figure out how the network managed to fail to get a huge audience for such a great show.


    if you want a comedy get "its always sunny in Philadelphia".

    Its got 9.6 on IMDB.

    very funny.


    I also really like scrubs and everybody hates Chris so ifeel very confident that i can Recomend AD to you.

    Personally much as i love those shows I rate AD higher.

    All the best

    seen it, its good ashame they only did 3 seasons
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