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I will get my daughter to reply to this later as she is a dental nurse and very clued up on the NHS and Private charges,she gets home at about 6pm :thumbsup:

There are quite a few different types of floss on the market, you need to try them and find which one suits you best, if your not used to flossing this is gonna take a while for your gums to get used to it.

You need to start gently and ease into it. Try and find the thinnest 'tape' floss you can get, and get some decent antibacterial mouthwash, this should help your gums heal after giving them a shock with the floss.

After a bit you should get no pain, bleeding or sores and your gums will be stronger and healthier.

The problem with dentists these days is a lot are part NHS part Private some being mearly subsidised private clinics, so a lot charge what they want.

I was under the impression though that a true NHS dentist would automatically book you into a hygenist on your bi-annual visit and this would only cost a nominal fee if anything, £42!? someones taking the proverbial.

Your teeth are ok but your gums have got to come need to make an appointment with the tooth fairy........................


thank you.The Tesco floss I've got keeps ripping on my molars and I've … thank you.The Tesco floss I've got keeps ripping on my molars and I've now got threads hanging from the back of my teeth :thinking: I was never shown how to floss till I went to a surgeon to have a wisdom tooth out, that's when I begged her not to remove it

I have the same problem with the floss ripping and leaving bits inbetween (REALLY ANNOYING), I found the best one to use is OralB UltraFloss, its a bit dearer but its good stuff as its more woven like very fine rope and as you pull it it contracts an becomes thinner so you control how thick or thin it is. (hope that makes sense)

Instead of going back and forwards with the floss try only going one way, take it out and repeat


I find I need to go back and forth to get it deep enough.

Me too! :w00t:


Me too! :w00t:

Oh your nasty

i use the interdental little brush things instead of floss its much easier


Oh your nasty

Hi, im the dental nurse i recommend strongly that you go to the hygienist if that is what your dentist thinks is best i imagine for that fee you will have a 20 min appt, although you may think you know how to brush your teeth many adults do not know how to do it properly and instruction on the correct can be a good help. I think you can probably see the necks of your teeth due to the fact that the inflammation (swelling) of your gums has gone down due to flossing, so its best to keep up with it. If you are struggling with floss try interdental brushes te-pe brushes as they are much easier.

Although i cant really comment on the prices your practice charges there are many restrictions on the NHS and although you can see a hygienist on the NHS it would mean that dentists would be paying a fee for something they could do themselves, but not a thoroughly due to time restrictions. O and they should have really told you that you would be going private its not a rule but its seen to be good practice.

hope this helps

they have different sizes of interdental brushes i think the pink are the smallest
they are alot easier than flossing
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