A tent and somewhere to stay.

    sleeping bags, cooker maybe?

    you bought a picture of a tent? :w00t:

    a toilet roll, and a bin bag. and a couple of baby wipes, scented ones

    I'd reccomend a blow up bed with built in sleeping bag, a remote control lantern, a camping stove, and a bug zapper

    as well as the items mentioned you'll need a water can get some collapsible ones with a tap on quite cheaply.

    a refund looking at that tent

    or maybe a caravan

    42 inch plasma and a decent armchair.
    Ice bucket and ice maker.

    Alcohol. it will help you sleep if nothing else :w00t:

    Bacon, eggs and bread rolls for breakfast. Nothing beats the smell of fried bacon when camping......

    and ******


    Alcohol. it will help you sleep if nothing else :w00t:

    More alcohol.

    Can never have too much. ;-)

    I went a few months back.

    take a few pairs of socks with you, incase you fall into a puddle by mistake!
    take extra blankets

    A torch for going to the loo in the dark.


    You into camping? want to come with us ;-)

    nah I just like survival, so do it often as I can.:thumbsup:

    always take another pair of socks though!


    Thank peeps, all comments taken on board :thumbsup: i thought the tent … Thank peeps, all comments taken on board :thumbsup: i thought the tent was OK though, despite Cluffy321's comments?]

    sorry about that, i know nothing about tents i just wanted to make a sarcy comment, im sure its a great tent

    how many people you going with.

    get some cheap tents,the whole point is for the experience


    dont forget to take some extra knickers incase the puddle you fall into is deeper than most puddles


    6 adults and 4 kids

    Other than my earlier comment and based on t 4 kids, a footbal will never fail you :thumbsup:

    im always going camping all u need is a good fire. tent sleeping nags .. food and a roll mat. and ur fine

    some fold flat chairs.

    ok I'll try again....

    A transit to fit all of your camping gear.

    Why bother camping if your going to buy so much stuff? lol. Might as well stay in a hotel if your going to be that comfy.

    I would take:

    Rollmat. (not really necessary)
    Gas stove
    mess tin
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