I think you were incredibly lucky. we were delayed in greece a few years ago, about 6 hours so nothing compared to this. But we had no money left, had spent all our euros to use them up so could not buy a drink. Had 3 children aged just under 2, 5 and 7. Tried getting something from the company responsible for us as it was about 35 degrees and we were crammed into a glass departure lounge but got absolutely didly squat!

    I was stupid for not being prepared and have learnt a very valuable lesson!

    We did, however complain. This was the end of a dreadful holiday, our hotel was on holidays from hell the day after we left..... Got £60 per person compensation, so £300.

    You may get something out of complaining but you may get told you were well looked after. Depends if you can be bothered to try.....

    TBH if you havn't lost out and feel everything that could be done was done then there is no reason to claim compensation. Yes you were delayed but sometimes this happens and it seams you were very well looked after :thumbsup:

    why dont you do the opposite and thank them for handling the situation efficently,
    you never know but they might send you something as a way of thanks

    Me and three friends went to berlin during the world cup but our flights were indirect via milan. When we got to milan the 2nd flight to berlin was cancelled, they put us up in a hotel and gave us dinner etc then we were back on the plane 7am next morning. We got £180 compensation a few months later (the flights from uk-berlin berlin-prague prague-uk had only cost us £170).

    Info on the EU denied boarding regulation:

    Flight cancellations

    If your flight is cancelled you should be offered a choice of a refund or re-routing to your final destination. While you wait for this to be sorted out, passengers are also entitled to 'assistance'. This can include free meals and refreshments appropriate to your waiting time, free hotel accommodation and transfers to the hotel if the re-routed flight means you have an overnight stay at the airport and/or two free phone calls, faxes or e-mails.
    You may also be entitled to financial compensation. How much you'll get depends on the length of the delay (that is, how late you arrive at your destination), as well as the distance covered.
    Flight delays

    You won't get monetary compensation, but you have a clear-cut, statutory right to food and refreshments (and overnight accommodation where necessary) and to make contact with family, friends, or your cab driver to tell them of the hold-up.
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