does this mean that they are any good?

    :thinking: Ah bang goes my bank balance again and then no doubt I will be wanting a new graphics card, faster memory and a new motherboard..oh well that is the price you pay for progress

    Nice to see the BBC have their finger on the pulse as usual, this is old news.

    Not gonna see the 8 cores (which are the server based ones initially) until 2nd QTR 2009. Which Apple will most certainly throw into their high end Mac Pro... and not just 1 but 2 so you could have 16 cores to play with.

    PS. Quad Core Laptops from Apple Next Month :thumbsup:

    Just checked on they have been benchmarking the new processors.



    thats amazing!

    That is what my bank manager will say when I want a loan to buy the kit haha

    There is a rumour that i7 is only going to be for one product range and other Nehalmen processors will have different names.
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