no i think the mods have to do it

someone tried to once and got told this

It SHOULD be the mods job to do this. I do agree that it should be inserted into the threads though. Even better still it would be a good idea for this to be automatically inserted into each FS/FT thread when submitted

The site upgrade eliminated this as it is at the top of every thread automatically.

I don't go in FS/FT though so can't comment on the specifics.


Non of the mods do it anymore tho!


as emasu said its done auto?

Phone will be sent tomorrow :thumbsup:


just thought it would stop scammers coming and scamming people on this … just thought it would stop scammers coming and scamming people on this site (happend a few times now!)

It didn't when they were manually put in, and won't stop now or even if it is implemented.

Fact is if people don't bother to notice the big red bar at the top with a STOP sign and get scammed because they didn't bother to read the rules, there isn't much one can do.



thats true!, so no point in bothering?

No, Basically :thumbsup:


it was obviously alot of work for the mods to keep doing this manually, why it couldnt have been done on an auto summat or other is beyond me, but to be honest it hasnt mad a difference where it is posted, people are to keen to get a bargain, but would hate to think it was stopped just because it wasnt worth bothering with

Wannabe mod alert, wannabe mod alert



Wannabe mod alert, wannabe mod alert

awwww bless, give admin a pm, you never know ;-)
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