Green deffo

Green! Its not Christmas without a green tree

Got to be green every time :thumbsup:

Have you seen the ]black trees you can get. I've even seen ]upside down trees - daft if you ask me. Mine has to be green


GREEN definately - i like traditional trees with a mish mash of decorations not these modern precise ones :stocking::santa:

awww im the odd one outLOL

( Mind you last yr we had green one which kids helped to decorate, you cant beat the fun in that)


Yeh, black is taking it a bit too far.:?

looking for examples of those trees i came across a lime green one, a pink one and a bright red one lol. seems you can get them in any colour you like!



I like the white fibre optic xmas trees.....

Be careful with them, i've known of 3 that have set alight!

i go for a green one but i have loads of decorations on and hang curled ribbon from the top hang down i put that all around my tree and it looks fab.


green-and real.......................


green. love real ones but bit dangerous for my 2 little boys yet so have to stick to my trusty old one for now :thumbsup:


Definately green

I would definitely say green all the time EXCEPT if you have one of these ultra modern, white as white houses (not at all like mine) then I would say that only a white one will do.

Green with a nice bit of tinsel me thinks


Green, white is very chav.

They were fashionable for a millisecond about 3 years ago, green will last centuries

we have green but i'd love this one


The Oh would never allow it thou :lol:
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