wait till sunday brah

    Wait until she comes back.

    wait till sunday:thumbsup:

    Pointless telling her, don't even know why you ask to be honest. :?


    sorry to hear about the job carley, let her enjoy her weekend and tell her sunday x

    Honesty the best policy imo

    tell her sunday

    im glad we nipped this in the bud pretty sharpish, whats next on the agenda for me and my crew...


    Wait until gives u time to go online and apply for hopefully come monday you could have some positive calls to lighten the mood

    I would wait until monday, dont want her coming home and everything going to waste because of that news.

    BUT, dont say you found out a few days ago because she will probably ask why you didnt tell her

    Sunday in my book!

    Sorry to hear about the bad news.
    As said above id defintely wait until sunday, let her enjoy her break.


    Wait until gives u time to go online and apply for … Wait until gives u time to go online and apply for hopefully come monday you could have some positive calls to lighten the mood

    totally agree with waiting till sunday. it is not an emergency, otherwise it will ruin her weekend of relaxation (which is the whole point). just dont do anything crazy or make a rash decision.

    Sorry to hear your news Carley. Def Sunday, but make sure you start by saying "I didn't tell you this till now because I didn't want to spoil your weekend, but I got some bad news on Friday..."


    wait til Monday, let her enjoy, it aint gonna change a single thing in your life by letting her enjoy the moment :-D



    dont spoil her week-end tell her Sunday - sorry about the job

    so sorry carley

    id wait till she comes back

    Wait till Sunday a few days isn't going to make a difference is it...Good luck with the job hunt x

    Awww...sorry to hear that.

    I would wait until she comes home, why spoil her time away and there is nothing she can do. Good luck for your future. xxx

    Sorry about your rotten news, I hope something comes around quickly for u,
    Leave it until she gets back, good luck.:friends:

    Agree with everyone above - just wait, telling her achieves nothing

    I know exactly how you feel Carley and as I keep being told, it will work out for the best :friends:

    if it would make a difference i would say tell her-but in this case, as its the weekend, leave it til she is home-she'll have a nice time whre she is and spoiling that won't make any difference to your situation.

    Good luck-and as another poster said-use the time wisely so you have something positive to tell her-even if its just that you've applied for a job-she'll be so proud of you!


    hope the wife had a nice weekend, and wasnt to upset when she got back, anything on the horizon

    Ring her. Ask her if she's enjoying herself, if she says yes, tell her the bad news. If she says no - tell her to cheer up.


    Tell her sunday.




    here for ya too:thumbsup:
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