try calling vodafone on 192 and they will proberly unlock your phone there is a thread on this site for it but unable to locate it
Hi. Last time I took my Sagem into a mobile Shop and they unlocked it there. They did say to me that a lot of the Sagems require a cable/software connection to be properly unlocked and this method worked perfectly on mines, not sure about unlocking via codes only. You can mess up the phones software pretty bad that way as I've found out on a few Samsungs! Anyways, my advice, take it to a reputable Mobile Unlocking shop, doesnt have to be major ones, independent high street ones will do and ask them, it should only cost up to £10 max.

Firstly try the network operator you want to use it on and see if they will give you their proper network unlock code which, many times I have heard they give you it for free or a small admin fee but I'd steer well clear of unlock codes that may be unreliable. Hope this helps. cheers.
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