i went to our ocal next at 6am and it was empty so managed to have a good look for once as it seems everyone else thought it opened at 7am :lol:
    managed to get quite a few tops for my boys but only a couple of pairs of trousers each as usual there was more stuff for girls than boys there :-(
    got myself some tshirts too, kermit the frog, wonderwoman & oscar from sesamy street

    I managed to get a shirt and tie combo for my dad, some cuff links and a tie pin, loads of make up bits, a new purse, and a Jacket for my boyfriend. So three christmas present and the purse for my self. Oh and two really lovely picture frames. All for £69. If i had paid full price it would have come to £151.50 so im happy

    Absolute rubbish sale. Site is full of disgusting patterned tops you wouldn't even chuck at a granny.
    Should have been called ;Next's NASTY CLOTHING sale!

    i was disapointed too-went to our local shop-only two rails of womens-summer shorts, cut of jeans and summer tops !

    The kids bit had four rails-but nothing i could find for either an 8 year old boy or a 3 year old girl...............


    Not happy then hahaha x That's what i find when i go online, thought i … Not happy then hahaha x That's what i find when i go online, thought i was the only one, i don't live near a Next store unfortunately, but i know some people manage to get good stuff from them.

    yeah always seems to be more choice instore than online in the sales :whistling: shame you don't live near a store hun xx

    ooooh wow!! just checked through my receipt to make sure everything was charged correctly & have 5 items that they haven't charged me for :-D
    pair of boys jeans £5
    boys tshirt £3
    boys tshirt £4
    boys black shoes £10
    boys black shoes £10
    so i saved an extra £32 off the sale prices!!! yayyyy :lol:
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