Found 28th Sep 2008

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You should give the model number so others can help!.

Anyway carry out a factory reset and report if this has sorted out the problem!


next time someone calls or you call someone click the button that says handset or speaker

A factory reset returns the phone back to its as shipped state this normally will sort out most problems, best of luck with your phone.

Go to settings and you should have something there!!

1. Menu
2. Settings
3. Enhancememts
4. Headset

That should be set to "Current Profile" and Automatic Answer should be Off!!

Give that a shot!!

Or keep hold of the Reb (Cancelling call one) down for a few seconds!! :thumbsup:

if factory rest no help, headphone socket has lifted off it's solder joints. take to repair shop and if they have a fine soldering iron, they can solder it back down again.


My partners phone had the same problem, seemed to be caused by our toddler putting it in her mouth!! Took it to a phone shop who said that one of the connectors at the bottom was wet and should be replaced, about £30 to fix it. I decided to clean it with one of those cans of high pressure air, normally used to clean keyboards, this worked and it has been OK since.

Hope this helps, good luck!
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