no help, but good luck xxxx

    where do you see yourself in 5 years, what do you have to offer the company, do you take any drugs, have you ever murdered anyone, just the usual.

    Best of luck!

    I've never had a phone interview, but I'm sure unless it's a customer service job that you're applying for, it should all be the same as a normal interview, if it is a customer service job, they may "test" you.

    They might also be using a stress analyser on the phone to see how truthful your being.



    Thanks Sass, do you think i should wear a suit? :?

    no i think you should wear silk boxers, and i will come round to settle your nerves :-D

    I had one and was completely unprepaired :oops: not from Amazon. They will want to go through your CV, ie who you were responsible to, and for, figures from any previous work ie if you were a Manager what turnover etc, how your performance was measured, how you have helped impove the company, basicly SELL yourself. Do prepair as a normal interview, get somewere cumfy, quiet and have a pad and pen to keep notes, have notes for your own work experience
    Good luck

    good luck!
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