catch torture kill


    Good for the garden, let them live!!!

    i hide hate them


    (or just pretend I've not seen em and let em run away hehe)

    i am petrified of them so there is no way i could catch them even if it was with a glass so i'm ashamed to say i squish them.... sorry:oops:

    i ussually just leave em alone tbh.. they dont tend to bother me much. id only try and get rid somehow if the spider was as big as my face.. (made me lol) and id probs just get the vac out and put the van in another room

    I leave them be, but sometimes I put them out if the OH threatens me

    Don't do spiders:oops:

    I jump up on the nearest chair and lift up my skirt


    Don't do spiders:oops:I jump up on the nearest chair and lift up my skirt


    Don't kill spiders! Their friends will find out!

    We have one of those bettaware spider catcher thingies - basically a plastic box on a long stick with a drop down door. Then tip them out into the garden - do the same with wasps and flies alhtough I would rather kill the flies and wasps, but too hard to catch and messy to do so!

    Definitely 'catch and release' for me as they do far too much good eating insect pests.

    I have to catch and liberate them.........Wifes orders:roll:

    I have a real phobia of them and cant handle it when they are looking at me! I end up close to tears and on the verge of throwing up at the sight of them. If i could I would kill them but I couldnt get that close!

    Why kill them if they are harmless to you? I never see the point in that. If you are scared of them and feel brave enough then contain them and put them outside. But no point in killing them.

    They play a big part of the eco-system, and especially in your own home, what do you think cleans up the small insects in the warm weather and stops these said insects from crawling all over you when your sleeping at night? Yep, the spiders, their main aim is to catch food in their webs.....let them do their part.....move them if need be, but no need to kill them! :-D

    catch and release.

    I catch them with my hands and threaten the wife with them.

    I HATE 'em but we're determined that AM will not inherant my stupid fear so I try and contain 'em without crying untill Mr B gets home

    Catch in glass with paper slid underneath, then march them down to the neighbours garden when they continue their life. They often march back I think though - some of them look VERY similar (I study them carefully on The Long March)

    Kill kill kill!


    Depends where they are in the house and what type, if I think they're better suited to outside I'll pick them up and take them to a suitable area of the garden.


    Quite happy to leave them unless they're in the bath, then I'll pop it outside. (Bath's not big enough for two!)

    Luv em :w00t:

    never kill - get glass (Pint Glass for the hig ones) put over slip envelope underneath through in garden

    Save every time - my 4 year old collects them and gives them names along with the worms, slugs, snails, woodlice and anything else he finds

    I set the cat on them, or ignore them.

    Definitely keep - they kill all the horrible ones like BLUE BOTTLES which I HATE!!!

    i hate them but i wont kill them
    i get other half to catch them and put them out

    Save, I feed them haha, surrounded by them here, have two living in each door mirror of my car, they go everywere with me :giggle:


    Try to pay dog or cats to deal with them failing that scream till someone takes pity on me and removes them,:oops:

    i put them outside


    i pick them up safely and throw them outside, the biggers one was about 2 inches


    I set the cat on them, or ignore them.

    I point them out to her ladyship

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Kill [/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [SIZE=5][COLOR=red]Kill [/COLOR][/SIZE]

    :? What is that ? a moggy ? :shock:


    If they come quitely without a struggle - they live and get thrown into the garden.

    If they struggle, they don't!
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