I used this card over the summer in Canada. It's a great card to use. Every transaction you make is sent as a notification for the app. You do not need to convert any transaction you make as the app shows the latest conversion rates and has a currency converter.

    I definately would recommend this card for anyone

    I locked in my rate it's more about currency fluctuation.. like night of referendum I got 1.5 us dollars per £1 but by the UK morning it was 1.33 so I was glad I locked it in.. if it went other way I'd have been gutted.

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    Thank you both I think I'll leave it as gbp

    You tend to get two cents higher than the exchange rate, as the first person said it updates your app almost instantly and shows you the cost in US dollars, the exchange rate and how much in pounds.
    Your bank doesn't like it if you top up from different IP addresses and I had to call my bank as they stopped my card so if you are going to top up abroad let the bank know before you go.
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