:? :? :? :?

    EDIT: sorry, hust looked through them now

    which girl got banned.

    dandoc2;3301368 they are all rubbish :thumbsup:

    Better than yours

    We are all waiting in anticipation! :thinking:

    dandoc2;3301368 they are all rubbish :thumbsup:

    oh god I could barely watch some of them for cringing at how bad they were. painful.

    Wate of time having that comp should've had something similar to last years except on a larger scale.

    and before anyone starts I know I couldn't have done any better but at least I had the awareness and good grace towards others not to even attempt one.

    good luck with picking a winner I'd pick the bug eyed one at least he knew what he was doing.

    which bug eyed one?


    which bug eyed one?…lYg

    short but pretty cool

    Some of them were funny!
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