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ask at local petshops, put ads in the local papers,

have you got a local Gumtree there are always loads of kittens in ours. Also try a pet shop. They won't have 'em but most have a notice board where people post

try your local cats protection people, i gave them 3 kittens last week(?they were dumped outside my home ) dohhh shame you wernt in NI!!

Dippy here, where's Alnwick? only my pretty little cat is about 4 weeks pregnant..

aww I want another kitten


Northumberland, about 50 miles up from Newcastle!

Yikes miles away :? she's a pedigree, but think im just about 400 miles too far to help you :?

If I was you I would stick with phoning the cats protection (give them your number, they will probably get some in on a regular basis). Your local village shop is a great place, our has adverts on the front door, 20p a week for your advert lol, and in bigger towns try the local tesco as they usually have a local pinboard section where people can put up adverts for their cars/stuff/kittens etc. Another great source is your local newspaper, look in the classifieds. Or ask around friends and family.
With a family, I would definately reccommend knowing where the cat has come from, even as a kitten, as we once got a very young weeks old abandoned farm yard kitten thinking a family, lots of love and a home would help grow it into a loving cat, how wrong we were, it grew up into a ferrel cat. This was obviously one cat, not all, but try to know it has bidable parents at least on one side.

Have you had a look on they will have a list of rescues in your area
Not sure if you are near Bedlington found this…501

Pets at Home near the Metro Centre usually has plenty of notices up of pets that are being given away / sold for a low price. Nip in next time you're down there.
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