havent got mine yet - i only go in as post office is there - some good deals once in a while

    but i got a cheque for £50 prize draw - gobsmacked!!!!!!!

    I gave my application form about a year ago and I think the staff didn't even bother posting it away! have given up... I find them too expensive (Well the tiny shop across the street from me is lol)

    sell it on ebay for three quid! hehe


    you should've posted it yourself. But yeh my local is only 2 mins away … you should've posted it yourself. But yeh my local is only 2 mins away and it is expensive, handy for milk and stuff tho';-)

    I know I should have just posted it, but hardily shop in there anymore, got my tesco clubcard now... got a whole £2.50 to spend lol... i'm hardily in there just for the milk, bread and stuff. can really treat yourself................................

    seriously-ours isn't bad-they do loads of BOGOF offers and 3 for2 - i must be lucky

    damn, knew i should've filled that form in:-D

    I don't know if you know but you can use your coop card in the coop chemist too and I have had some lovely pressies there like wall.e bubble bath and that for the kids. Hope this helps.


    fill in an application online, or even phone them,my store never posted mine, phoned up and they did it over the phone, took a week to come from then
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