I sold my car a couple of days ago and used the AA online guide to help me. Be prepared for a lot of timewasters responding to your add with offers that are less than half what you're asking!

    Just take it to whichever of the we buy your car supermarkets you have nearest to you and get what you can and move on.
    Life's too short.

    Dodgy people pouring oil into the expansion tank and then claiming your have a head gasket problem.

    Avoid dealing with more than 1 person, yes some may bring a mechanic thats fine, but get the other person to follow you round the car while your keeping your eyes on the mechanic. i.e. mechanic is checking under the bonnet and the other asks you how to open the boot.

    and don't give them the keys

    Cars attract a lot of time wasters. They will bid, win the car and then not turn up. When they do they will try to knock a few pounds off! You also get asked a whole load of stupid questions from people who never bid - like can you deliver the car 200 miles away!

    Sold my son's Corsa C which was a lovely clean car but had failed an MOT due to a few minor issues on ebay last year. Sold on second attempt as the first buyer never got in touch and wouldn't communicate - so wasted a couple of weeks for me! Eventual buyer was a trader.

    If selling via ebay I would suggest you ask for contact from the winning bidder within 24 hours of auction end and set a date for when the car must be collected and paid for! Also state that you won't negotiate on price when the auction has ended. Also ask for cash rather than Paypal.

    Don't go to the WeBuyAny etc'll still get haggling and get around a THIRD of your car's real value.
    Local papers are probably best...even Gumtree...but, expect a bit of hassle / time-wasters / no-shows.
    I even had a guy insist on giving me a £50 deposit only to never come back again oO

    use gumtree, ignore all morons who call you and obviously cash on collection, sold as seen etc

    I've sold a good few cars via gumtree, just gotta be prepared to possibly receive a few daft calls

    don't be tempted by anything that sounds like a good idea, courier collection, PayPal payments as these will all end bad for you

    make sure you put "sold as seen" and "cash on collection only" in your advert, although this wont stop people trying the above mentioned PayPal scams etc

    clean the car inside and out even if it's spares or repair, take good photos and include photos of bad bits too, if possible take photos in a nice place and not on a driveway covered in empty coke cans and rubbish

    be honest in your advert and include small details like number of keys, any work that has been done, how often it's been serviced. include details of service history, stamps in the book and receipts if you have them

    v5 needs to be filled in accordingly and sent off, follow the instructions on the page below and remember tax isn't transferable…htm

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