It could take a while for it to show up in the UPS system. Bets to give them a ring

    Don't worry, It was a couple of days before my Xbox 360 tracked on UPS, Give it a few days and remember possible delays due to xmas.

    Don't worry about it yet. When mine came back the tracking system was about 3 days behind! I had the console back and the online system said it was in Plymouth!

    Yeah the tracking system is a waste of time, just wait 2 weeks (from the day you sent your xbox off for repaire) if its not back then call MS and complain.
    They will ussaly send you free goodies if you do

    I am in eactly the same situation. Shipped (apparently) on Sunday, but the code does not track.

    I did call MS, who said to call UPS, who said to call MS who said to give it a couple more days! Why not just tell me that the first time, sigh!

    So best to not waste any time on the phone until at least another day or so.

    I just wanted to know so that I can arrange for someone to be in, but I bet it will be a missed delivery before UPS tracking works ;-)

    You might want to check the code again. Mine has just started tracking in the last 30min.

    If I were a suspicious type, I might think it a bit of a coincidence that nothing for 2 days then within a hour of calling them to chase the status it suddenly moves to tracking, and an indication that it has just been scanned at the origin i.e. the repair premises.

    I might also think it odd that they did keep me on hold for quite a while the second time whilst they "investigated", and maybe it was going no where fast until then.

    Probably a genuine coincidence though especially if yours is tracking too.
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