i lost half a kitkat once, spent at least 30 mins looking for it

    You're not a physicist working for CERN, are you?

    maybe yr cat ate them?

    What you doing with eating on your PC? Tut tut....;-)

    You going home for Eid?

    These things are taken away by invisible giant ants.

    I give up on looking for 'lost' things
    I've ordered 2 cheque books in recent years and each time I go to use them I can never find them
    haven't used one cheque in 3 years - and have two cheque books unused in the house somewhere
    one of which is cancelled (should I ever find one of them its bound to be the wrong one)

    Its this very safe place I put them in - so safe I don't even know where it is :oops::whistling::thinking:


    My cat lives in brighton.... :-(haha... I have a big desk at work! and … My cat lives in brighton.... :-(haha... I have a big desk at work! and yep a family one this year... including my new little nephew!

    Yep with family good, Mubarak on your new nephew. :thumbsup:

    def black hole if:

    not so likely:

    or - no black hole at all

    Blast. I see kippy has beaten me to it. Ah well!


    I'm not a gyneacolologist but I'm prepared to look into it for you.

    lol -- Quick Draw Kippy Draw

    [CENTER] Just!![/CENTER]

    :w00t:you got mice
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