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Thanks, i filled in the form a couple of weeks ago so will wait and see!

Fingers crossed x

this was posted yesterday, and that was a repost


does your child have to be born inbetween them years?
i have one of my children that was born apr 2003 the rest are older or younger


guys be very careful with tax credit people. We claimed when our son was … guys be very careful with tax credit people. We claimed when our son was born in 2001, both me and hubby working full time, they old us we were entitled to around £50 each per month for one child. We disputed this every year, every renewal date, everytime i phoned them until they realised they had made a mistake and demanded £20k back this was in 2005. It took over 12 months and the help of our local MP to sort out the mess, I had kept all the paper work we sent them and they sent us, a diary of when i phoned them to dispute the amount they were giving us, I gave all this information to our MP and she sorted out the mess, It cost us over £300 in phone bills, they had recorded some of the phone calls luckly but the error was made when an advisor clicked the wrong box on her PC and it set the ball rolling for over payments. It was their error which they finally admitted to, ( got a nice letter to say so)We are one of the lucky ones lost the tax credits for 2 years to repay them a set sum and the cheeky sods sent me a cheque for £5.00 as a good will gesture toward the phone bill.My advice would be keep a copy of everything you send them and they send you, if you call them demand the phone call is recorded, if the amount is higher then you thought it would be question it and make sure that call is recorded.Dont let them mess you around like they did with us, it caused a mountain of stress, arguments and billsIf i could have turned back the clock to when we first claimed i wouldnt have bothered to claim in the first place. All that stress for a tenner a month just not worth the hassle and aggravation

We had a similar problem where within one week(new letter each day) they said we owed them 1000, 2000, 3000 then 4000 odd over a 3 year period, luckily we had all the paperwork too but took 3 stressfull months to sort it all out.

I am at university and work for the tax credits office on a sat and sun (its good money, conveniant shifts and easy work) and i have to say that the bad publicity they get 95% of teh time is undue. Granted in vinylandtrinkets case i can see that it was obviously a mistake on our part but the majority of cases is caused by the claiment. I think the problem is there is so many variations of benefits that people do not realyl know what they are in reciept of and can lead to nasty overpayments.

Hmmm... so why is this not a website...?

Why are they taking a £93 cut of what you are entitled to...

Seems like a borderline scam to me... This isn't a direct government funded organisation its a company taking comission for acting as your agent and passing on forms...

Your better off going direct I think…TS/
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