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pepole wuth lsaether mens loooooooooooooooooiisers


pepole wuth lsaether mens loooooooooooooooooiisers

Been drinking much?

Got my leatherman fuse on Wednesday, think it's great - been opening my beers with it all night.

Build quality is excellent, only concern I have that it's illegal to carry re the locking knife.

Still, will be taking it with me when camping etc and useful to have in the car.

Looking at investing in a skeletool one now, so yeah, I'm sold!

can you post a link to your one imranmaz?


nice. what concerns you re the quality?

Mine is weighty/substantial.

oohhh I had no idea these were so expensive. I have one, but it's old. I won it at a garage...pretty typical that they would expect a man to win a game of skill...but I won haha.


nah I just mean like do I need to take extra care of it or can it … nah I just mean like do I need to take extra care of it or can it withstand heavy use.. I go camping climbing sometimes and going glasto this summer.. and travel quite a bit and something like this would come in very handy... just want to make sure I got a good one?!I saw the sone you got and was going to go for it but spent a little extra cause I didnt want to regret it later...not that you should regret urs!the skeleton one looks well cool!are you thinking of getting the bit driver thing too? it turns it into a multi screwdriver

wasn't too sure if the bit driver was compatible with mine... I only paid ~ £20 for mine, even though worth ~ £50. just to try it out really.

I think they're pretty hard wearin/up for heavy use - you shouldn't have problems, and the guarantee seems pretty good too. enjoy :thumbsup:

yours looks good /jealous!


yeah I paid £26 for mine... can't believe it went back up to £80!the bit d … yeah I paid £26 for mine... can't believe it went back up to £80!the bit driver is defos compatible with urs too. I'll just use it as it is now.. then if I like it then I might get the's a link to the deal:

think i'll keep "as is".

Will look for more leatherman deals, can sell my current one for more than I paid going by ebay prices. These things jump up and down price - wise on amazon all the time, will get one next time round!
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